Who We Are

We are a small veteran-owned company. After serving in the Army for 14 years, I came to two conclusions: I want to help others and add value to their lives in some way. We intend to achieve both of those goals by making high-quality gear and supplements widely available. Our top priority is to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. To that end, we offer a workout of the day, have a blog on health and fitness, and eventually plan to open brick-and-mortar gyms close to military bases to help both active duty personnel and veterans in Texas, Tennessee, and hopefully every state in the union. Every single purchase you make on our store moves us closer to our goal of opening gyms and helping veterans, active duty and everyone else in between.
  • Blackout Coffee Co.

    Blackout Coffee was founded on the principles of conservative values. The founders believe in the importance of hard work, personal responsibility, family, respect and traditional American values.

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    Blackout Coffee Co. 
  • Hometown Hero

    Hometown hero is committed to supporting veterans and that's been the commitment from the beginning. While donating well over 100k+ in donations to non profits to support veterans. Check them out Here!

    Hometown Hero Supporting Veterans 
  • National Council on Strength and Fitness

    Become an NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and Stay on the Cutting Edge. Globally Recognized. Payment Plans Available. Online Testing Available. NCCA Accredited. Courses: Sport Nutrition, Strength Coach, Personal Trainer.